Display tags next to note title in list

I'd love to be able to see note tags in note list. This is the quickest ugliest mockup ever, but you get the point:

Colors for tags are just a suggestion, but not really required. I can always put some emoji if I want some bigger visual impact, and I know coloring would mean probably changing the data model.

The motivation is that I want to implement a very simple task management labeling, where my tasks can be "urgent", "important", none or both. Seeing that there at a glance would really help a lot.

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There have been a fair few requests to have more detail within the notes list, mostly to ape the Evernote style layout with a summary - something like:
However I can also see that that might not be ideal for everyone, that the summary section might be uneccessary and taking up too much space so something over only two lines like:
might be preferrable.

However tags themselves are currently causing a bit of an issue with performance - see Removing tags from the sidebar in desktop app? - so we might not see anything in regards to tags in the notelist before those issues are resolved.

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It seems like the performance problem is in the sidebar itself, as per Removing tags from the sidebar in desktop app? - #4 by laurent. So, maybe displaying tags in the list bar, which I guess is a different widget, doesn't have that problem.

OTOH thanks for those better mockups, that's what I meant exactly.

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