Desktop: 1.0.197 has negative bottom margin

The viewer of version 1.0.197 has a negative bottom margin. The lower halves of the descenders are cut off. (Everything was okay in 1.0.195, and the editor looks still right as well.)

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue. Could you please upload a screenshot? Also, which platform are you using Joplin on? (if I remember right it was macOS, but it always pays to make sure)

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Honestly, I’m not even sure what this post even means. Visual representation is a must here. :face_with_monocle:

Sorry, I was a bit too succinct. This is 1.0.195 on laptop “de Uitwijk” with Win 10:

This is 1.0.197 on laptop “de Oversteek” with Win 10:

In both cases editor and viewer are both scrolled down to the very bottom. Window size (maximized or not) makes no difference.

On my Mac (and also on the “Oversteek”) 1.0.195 behaved as in the upper image, and 1.0.197 behaves as in the lower image. In short: Win or Mac makes no difference, Joplin version does.


Alright, this makes it clear. I’ll try and look into what changed to cause that

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