Delting notes on android moves them to trash instead of deleting it

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Desktop: Linux, AppImage, v. 2.14.22

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What issue do you have?

I want to bypass the trash on the android app! it is extremly annoying, that if I delete a note/todo, it will be moved to trash.
if I'm switching to my computer and continue using joplin there thanks to webdav sync the note/todo will still remain in the notepad and I'll have to remember to delete it again.

deleting it in the desktop app deletes the note/todo finally. on android I couldn't find any possibility to deactivate this .... trash folder :frowning:

You need to make sure to use v3.0 on all devices.

And if you want the notes to be permanently deleted more quickly you can set a low interval for auto deletion, like 1 day. You'll find this in the settings

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