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[datetime] request new time fmt "20.30.15" in the options


I think someone would like to use datetime as title suffix, so that when the notes are exported:

  1. they would be less likely to conflict on file names.
  2. they can be sorted by the the timestamp in file names.

But available time format 20:30 is not suitable as part of the file name. So perhaps a new time format “20.30.15” is better.

Something like “2017-01-30_20.30.15” is even better, with the help of an optional delimiter between date and time.

This also means: the exported filename should allow a max length of 255 characters on both Windows and Linux.

[export import] request exported file adjust maximum length to 255 for filename

Please conform to ISO 8601…


Good suggestion.

Date and time
expressed according to ISO 8601:


Combined date and time in UTC:


Date can be either YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD
There is more info on the wiki.

Yet one problem: Users don’t necessarily use the datetime for standard usages, but also for various personalized situations, though that’s not related to the purpose of this request.


In sitations like this, I always use 20181023T124730 since it contains no characters that could be confusing operating systems. Note that I left out the Z timezone since I usually use local time only, but that is personal.


After a few more thoughts, I think this kind of request on options could be more easily solved by a conf file. Users could define their own formats as they will as long as the item values are acceptable and don’t trigger bugs. Could save a lot of developing time.


Sounds like bikeshedding to me. ISO didn’t make the 8601 standard for no reason.


When having this kind of discussion, I always refer to XKCD - https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1179:_ISO_8601
(to find it just google for “xkcd date” - the first hit is https://xkcd.com/1179/ )