Dashboard idea

Some kind of dashboard tha shows waiting todos, little squares representing recent notes, recentt edits, some kind of timeline of events, a calender etc.

See how Kanmail’s handling of email information makes it so nice.

It would be even nice if one could add programmable squares, as in they perform some minor tasks.


Make request in #Features Category, So everyone can discuss this feature.

I agree with @giteshsharma, this would be a new features and not something that could be in this theme discussion. :slight_smile:

This is looking really nice. I would gladly have a simple dashboard, but it needs to stop there.

I think I would prefer to be able to sync the Joplin Todos to a Joplin companion app, or to an existing project management softwares.
There are some very very good options out there, and it would be a better and (I guess) way simpler solution than implementing a Todo Manager inside Joplin.

After all the time I spent using Joplin, I simply start to think that all Joplin is lacking is:
PLUGINS :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a nice feature, but still I want that whenever I open Joplin it will start from where I left.
I think a button for dashboard which will popup it will be better
we can put this in setting so user can choose if he wants to “open dashboard” or “where he left his work”

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Where you left of is a pretty good idea, I am sure somepeople would prefer plain listing like what we have now.

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