Cut Copy Paste in a note title does not work

(Win10 Pro x64 1809 - Joplin desktop 1.0.160)

When editing, if I highlight the text in a note title and right-click I am presented with the option to “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste”.


None of these functions appear to work. It seems to work perfectly in the body of the note but not the note title field.

Does this happen for anyone else?

The screen shot does not show it but there IS text in the markdown editor pane below the cursor. It is not a new, empty note (if that would make any difference).

Could you add an issue about it on GitHub?


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Can someone confirm this on Linux? On macOS this works just fine. I’m wondering, if this is just a Windows issue or if it affects Linux as well.

I checked this before raising the issue on github and the title cut / copy / paste does not work on Linux Mint 19.1 either.

Thanks, very interesting. So the same issue on Linux and Windows, but not on macOS.

I’ve already noticed that some Electron functionality only works on certain OS. It seems buggy in that regard. I hope that all (or at least most) of these issues will be resolved when we migrate to Electron 5.x. Fingers crossed.

Can confirm for Linux Xubuntu 16.04 also.