Custom Joplin server and messed up attachments


I installed the Joplin server with docker-compose. Everything seems to work including adding users and syncing except that some attachments are borked after the sync which I never had any issue with my Nextcloud server.

I set this up from scratch two times already, and I also made sure I forced a clean sync. After a clean sync half the attachments will show up as broken attachments in the Joplin Windows app. Bear in mind this is the only app I am syncing. No secondary apps. I already have the database working well with all the attachments. Then I set up my custom Joplin sync account. Let it sync for a while from scratch. After a while I get a lot of failed syncs with attachments warnings (hundreds), it seems to me that this might be related to the .gif attachments, but I am not clear if that is the case.

The sync has no issues with the contents it seems, but the attachments gets broken after the initial sync. No idea why syncing to a remote server would break the local copies of anything, given this is from scratch.

I am using 2.3.3 on Windows and Joplin Server 2.2.10 And I normally user Nextcloud setup which I had to go back to given the Joplin server itself was not working for me, so restored my notes from the backup.

I am wondering if someone else had such issue.

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