Attachment sync not working - Windows (Joplin 1.0.158)

I have two Windows 10 x64 computers running Joplin 1.0.158. Both clients have the option to “always” download attachments selected. Joplin syncs via Nextcloud.
When I attach a file (about 3k) to a note on one computer it appears on the note with a “J” link icon. The file appears in my local resources folder and also gets synced with the resources folder on the Nextcloud instance. If I click on the link Joplin offers to download the file and the file can be downloaded.
On the other computer the note gets updated after syncing however the attachment shows underlined, like a link, but has a “download” icon next to it. Clicking on the link does nothing. “Right click - save as”, appears to work but no file is saved. Copying the path from the right click menu shows where the file should be (locally) but it is not there.
If I revert the client on the second machine back to 1.0.157 it works normally again.
Am I missing an option /setting somewhere or is the attachment syncing in 1.0.158 broken?

@laurent I don’t see any commits that could cause this issue. Any ideas?

This is fixed and will be in a coming release.