Constant Sync Conflicts

Joplin 2.2.2 (prod, win32)

Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 37ad613

Joplin Server 2.2.7

We are testing syncing to 3 computers with only 2 accounts.

So 2 of the computers using the same user account of which 1 of these get conflicts showing the same number and all the notes that are not in conflict on the other computer.

We are getting lots of conflicts and there is no way we are editing notes in both places.

Does anyone have any solutions to the syncing conflicts?

Did you start from scratch with Joplin Server or switch from a different sync target?

Also try to narrow down the issue to just a few notes because with such a confusing explanation it's not possible to help.

Yes, we started Joplin Server from Scratch using Docker.

Sorry for the confusion.

I believe the issue seems to be when you sync the same user on multiple devices.

1 instance syncs to server, the other instance gets conflicts.

There are multiple users who sync to multiple devices on Joplin Cloud and so far nothing like this has been reported.

Sometimes you can have this issue over a slow connection because you might think everything is synced, but it's not, so when you make changes elsewhere it's going to conflict.

I'll keep an eye on things and report back my findings, but 1 thing I can assure you is we are not changing the notes in multiple places.

9 times out of 10 we never change notes because we mainly use the Web Clipper to save URLs to Joplin in research sessions.

As mentioned in this thread we are ultimately trying to get Joplin Notes into our Redmine Project Management System as we do with Evernote & Zapier.

It seems you have a complex setup so without looking into it directly I don't think it's possible to help. If you can narrow down the issue or replicate it consistently that might help.

If a conflict happens on a note that was just created and never modified that's indeed a major bug, but if that kind of bug existed we would hear about it all the time, while it only seems to affect your setup.

Lets try to simplify things here to find the problem.

What would you recommend?

On User 2, PC 2, we even tried the redownload from Server option and it still shows conflicts.

What I mean is that you need to simplify things in such a way that you can provide the step by step instructions to replicate your issue, starting from a blank server and clients.

As it is, there's dozens of unknown variables such as the local sync state of each client, the sync state of the server, the modification dates of the notes, what actions were performed on what client, etc.