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linux mint 18.3 desktop appimage of Joplin
Error: Error: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir ‘’. Path:
at FileApiDriverLocal.fsErrorToJsError_ (/tmp/.mount_JoplinVGgUOL/app/resources/app/lib/file-api-driver-local.js:22:16)
at FileApiDriverLocal.delta (/tmp/.mount_JoplinVGgUOL/app/resources/app/lib/file-api-driver-local.js:78:15)

not yet able to resolve this issue !
i would be very grateful of a solution/help please


How did you install it?


hello laurent

|Linux |Get it on Linux| from your website as appimage


So the app doesn’t even start?


it starts - i am using it for various notes ( i may put scrapbook on it ) - later i may use the Web Clipper.