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I am having the same problem as BluesGuy did with a post in July 2023, but I never saw a resolution to that. While trying to print a note, I get error msg ENOENT: No such file or directory, LSTAT. The error only occurs on one of the two devices (laptops) I normally use. The two versions of my notes seem to otherwise be in sync. I don't have a technical background...Any suggestions?

I get exactly the same error when trying to print from my Windows desktop computer with Joplin version 2.13.15.

I'm linking to the original post: Enoent print error

We recently applied a workaround to fix print on Linux (Desktop: Fixes #8240: Fix print on Linux by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #9810 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub). Maybe it would make sense to apply the same workround for Windows?

For now, a workaround might be to export to PDF (ctrl-shift-p, type exportPdf) then print the PDF.

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