Color Customization Notification

Hello Everyone,

I am interested on collaborating with my friend on a new feature, and we're planning on adding a notification customization tool to your application. Users would be able to choose the color/theme with a color palette feature. What are your thoughts on this? Looking forward to your input :slight_smile:

Please and Thank You


Hello, that sounds interesting but on which platform would that be? Desktop or mobile?

Also when suggesting a feature it's good to describe why you want to add this - what's the story behind it. Is that something you need, or you noticed that some users wanted? What problem did they have? Providing this information helps understand the feature and whether we'd actually want to merge it or not.


Hello Laurent,

Thanks for your feedback.

The plan is to add this on the desktop version due to users spending an adequate amount of time on their PC and laptops. Personally, we feel that this feature could be used to empower users with more personalized control over their app experience. We believe Joplin is lacking this feature since so many other well-known apps provide users control, allowing them to use it more frequently because it is suited to their aesthetic preferences.



Thanks for clarifying. On which operating system would that be working? For example I don't think it's possible to customise the macOS notifications since they all look the same as far as I can see.

Do you know if this feature could be implemented as a plugin?