Coding Phase - Week 7 Report

What's done

  • Completed scroll position persistence feature. (waiting for last pr to get merged before creating one for this)
  • Setup a new dialog screen for the full-screen viewer and implemented a command for it.
  • Clicking on pdf links now open the new full-screen viewer by default.
  • Created a basic viewer with thumbnail and main panels.

Goal for next week

  • Add context menu options for both links and embedded viewer to open the file in either the new in-built viewer or an external viewer.
  • Work on the full-screen viewer UI - add support for Joplin themes, etc.
  • Add more options to both viewers like download, print.

Scroll position persistence demo

demo 3 aug

Scroll position is persisted even if user moves to a new note and comes back, but is reset once the application is restarted. I'm using sessionStorage to store the scroll position, which gets wiped out on app quit.