Coding Phase - Week 6 Report

What has been done

  • I started updating the PR according to the suggestions received
  • Had a meeting with my mentor discussing the PR

Plans for this week

  • Finish up updating the PR as per suggestions received
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could you share what you changed / updated

could you summarize the meeting in nutshell

  • I removed the first-app-start logic from PR, now we are updating an array after installing the default plugin. We will insert plugin ID of the default plugin we just installed, and we won't remove any elements of these array even if user decides to uninstall the plugin.
    This way, we will keep track of which default plugins we have installed.

  • I added a check to see if the default plugin is already installed by the use, so that we can skip installing it.

  • Also, I added a check to see if we have set the initial settings for the plugins, in order to avoid overriding the user's plugin settings.

  • My mentor suggested me to put files related to default plugins into its separate module.
  • He also encouraged using more descriptive file names and adding comments, types to increase readability of codebase.
  • He suggested adding minimum number of new Settings.
  • I clarified some doubts he had about certain functions that I have added.
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that array will keep track of all installed plugins?

No. We will only keep track of which default plugins we have installed.

So if we decided to add a new default plugin, code will first check if its plugin ID is present in the array or not, in this case it won't be present hence will be installed.