Coding Phase - Week 1 Report

What has been done

  • Raised a draft PR for installing default plugins
  • Fixed the "install" state of default plugins: commit
  • Explored existing APIs for pop-up and for changing plugins settings

Plans for next week

  • Discuss the approach for setting initial settings
  • Refine the fix for "installed" state and update PR
  • Update plugin’s manifest to include private _built_in field

Initial Settings

While discussing with mentor CalebJohn, he suggested that maybe we can have a doc stating requirements for the default plugins. For example, in the doc, we can specify that on first-app-start plugin should not display a pop-up unless the user has explicitly caused it. And plugins can set the initial settings. On the other hand, Laurent said that we would want to configure the plugin without having to modify it.

Some plugins like 'Simple backup plugin' require some settings that will be set by user. For example, 'path' is required for setting backup path. And if I am not wrong, it is causing the pop-up at the start of the app as its initial value is null. We can update settings like this from the app itself. For this, we can use existing Setting.setValue() method. We just need to pass the first parameter as plugin-pluginId.settingName.