Coding Phase - Week 3 Report

What has been done

  • Discussed what tech should be used to implement the website. (Static website generator)
  • Discussed which generator to use. (Candidates are Astro, 11ty and Static Site Boilerplate)
  • Redo the UI layout with native HTML. (Only basic layout)

Since I have not considered what tech is best for maintenance during Week 2 I have to redo it with native HTML, so there is not much new stuff this week.

Plans for the next week

  • Confirm which generator to use.
  • Create another repo and set up GitHub page for website demo
  • Finish the Detail Page

What design was chosen eventually for the website home page?

It was based on version 1 since it has more positive feedback but I did a few modifications based on your suggestions. The complicated advanced search is replaced with a simple category-based search like the desktop app, and the category navigator was added on the left side.

Yes there are two search bars on this page. Is that good UX?

Thanks for your review! No, that is not. The top one pinned on nav bar should only exist when a user scrolled down and the main one disappeared. Or I should just eliminate one directly?

can't you use simply the top?
Besides the search box there is a lot of space not being used.

can't be merged all into the top bar?

Sure I can, maybe let's continue this discussion in the UI post?

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