Coding Phase - Week 2 Report

What has been done

  1. Created a demo to demonstrate how to pull data from repos through GitHub API and to generate pages in batch. (Under prototype branch)
  2. Implemented the Home Page basic layout as discussed (version 1 and version 2 combined)

Plans for the next week

  1. Refine the Home Page layout
  2. Implement the Detail Page layout
  3. Generate the Home Page with actual data pulling from plugins repo

sounds good, looks good

could add URL to your demo?

Hi PackElend,
Laurent commented on my PR that we'll need to discuss what tech should be used to generate the website and he prefers to not use JS frameworks.I am going to start a new post to discuss this and I probably need to redo the work I've done this week, I think its better for us to communicate more to avoid things like this from happening again. :grinning:

for sure :slight_smile:
would you mind sharing the PR?
So that others (like me) can read them as well?

The PR is under a private repo, so I don't know if people can access it or not.

I missed the invite to the private repo, that is all :slight_smile:

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