Clickable Phone Number On iPhone

I am using Version 10.3.1 of Joplin on an iPhone running IOS 14. Yesterday I installed the latest upgrade, and I lost a critical feature. Prior to the upgrade, I was able to click on phone numbers in Markdown mode and have the iPhone call the number. Now that no longer works. I would like to see that feature restored as soon as possible. It was very important to my use of Joplin.

Phone number detection has too many false positive so is disabled now. But you should be able to get the feature back by adding < > around the number.

Thank you for your quick reply and also for your confirmation that the feature had been removed.

Unfortunately, surrounding the phone number in angular brackets ("<>") doesn't work, at least not for me. I tried it with and without dashes between the various sections of the phone number to see if it made any difference. It doesn't.

I also tried formatting it as a link. That doesn’t work either.

It's too bad. I never got any false positives, so I would be all for having you put it back in. Could it be a configuration option? For me it was a really nice and useful feature.

This syntax seems to work, at least on desktop: [123-456-7890](tel:1234567890)

It works on the iPhone too. Thank you very much.