Chinese named photo in markdown file not visiable

My Joplin is Joplin for Desktop 1.0.195(prod, win32)
My System is Windows 10, version 1903

i found that joplin can find markdown file which has chinese name but can not find photo which cherish chinese name. if i use photo like ‘new.png’ in md, it worked. but when i use ‘新的.png’, this photo can not shows a blank area only.

Hi, sorry about getting to this so late. But I can’t duplicate your issue, perhaps you could give more details?

I had two files

As you can see there is no issue.

not this meaning. when i input from directory, english file path change into a hexadecimal path like what you show me, but when my markdown file include some chinese path like what i show below, it not worked, only have blank area. its path not the same as english one.

Hmm, so why do you think this would work in the first place?

Local file references start with file:// and require an absolute path.

Example (from my local machine):


two above photo you should look at it as a whole.i insist that i import the whole directory include and some local photo. used local photo, whatever photo i mentioned are local.when import work finished, english name photo path change into a special path like :/dcdfsdfdsfsdfesfdsf which worked but chinese name photo path had never changed which not work. i have not edited any changes about file. the two path in above photo are not later entered.

I’m sorry I must not understand, I still cannot reproduce your issue. I use the below file in a folder

This will import a file to Joplin





And when I import markdown directory, everything comes into Joplin correctly.
If you are able to consistently reproduce this issue, please zip up a directory that shows this issue and forward it to me, I will try to test on that one.

edit: I also tested images/osi音乐.png and images/osi音乐.PNG with no issues.