Checksum Failure

I downloaded the latest Linux version and the sha512 does not match. latest-linux.yml calls for QznJRu3O+55R4Opcc1OwOe0DKqAOHG9s8jahElmENaYLzz2zgfftV395V3XYp/TACvk4/0zhZnYTscXiP30Z+g==

Yet what I calculate is:

I did notice that the main website is not updated to this version yet maybe I jumped the gun but the app on my home machine it told me there was a release available…

In the yml file it looks like it’s binary data that is then base64 encoded. Maybe on electron-builder you can find exactly how that hash is encoded.

Thanks for the information. That is unfortunte it is nice to be able to verify a binary when downloaded… My appologies if this is in a FAQ somewhere…


No it’s fine, there’s no doc here for this file. This yml file is automatically generated by electron-builder when the app is built. I didn’t actually know there was a hash in there and it doesn’t look like it’s meant for users.

I guess on our end we could generate proper hashes. It’s been suggested a few times but hasn’t been done yet.

Hey fyi thanks for the pointer on the base64… You were right… The latest version I was able to match the yaml file by running:
sha512sum SOMEFILE | awk ‘{print $1}’ | xxd -r -p | base64

If you are not on a linux box but have python handy this will also work:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import codecs

print("Enter HEX information:")
hex = input()

b64 = codecs.encode(codecs.decode(hex, 'hex'), 'base64').decode()

print(f"\n\nBase64: {b64}")

Thanks again!