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Changing database location on Windows

I'm surprised to discover there's no official way to change the location of the database (I'm on Windows).

I have my data backed up from various locations on my drive and I want to put my database in one of them. Without data backup, anything that's in Joplin should be considered expendable, which isn't what I want.

About Backup, normally you'd sync to somewhere, like another drive, ex: S:\Joplin or a Network drive like \MyServer\Backup\Joplin.

This way, the sync keeps a permanent backup.

I don't know if you can change in a config the local folder on Windows (which one, 7, 8.1, 10?) - but if you really want this you could use a Junction to link the local .config folder to another drive... Again, how to set it up depends the Windows version.

But IMHO the easiest is the filesystem sync - see above.

Don't you backup your user folder? Because everything is in there, under .config

No, syncing is not a backup solution. Do not use it as such!

If something happens to your sync location your local data will be lost! There's no master/server and slave/client concept. It's a 2-way sync.

The only way to do a backup: Export to JEX

Thanks! You're very certainly right @tessus - and I do use export to JEX (but I also backup the sync folder) :wink:

But anyway it wasn't the OP's question, in fact.

Edit: I could restore the local folder even if I'd loose everything on one PC as I've the same app and config on a few PCs (syncing to a network drive), so I just would have to restore the local .config from another PC. I guess, anyway...