Change notes storage on Linux

I just installed Joplin on a notebook with Linux, a PC with W10 and an Android phone. I am doing my first tests and it seems to me that Joplin is fantastic.
I just need help with one thing: the netbook with Linux has only 32 GB in an SSD and a 64GB SD memory card. The SSD already has 52% occupied with Xubuntu and other applications and I don’t want the notes to take away more space. How can I make Joplin save the notes on the SD card? How do I change the path to the notes and settings, which is now in /home/ernesto/.config/joplin-desktop?

Iḿ using Joplin 1.0.179 and Xubuntu 19.10

Thank you!

You can probably move the contents of ~/.config/joplin-desktop, into a directory of your choosing, and then symlink the ~/.config/joplin-desktop to the folder you chose.

I think others may have done this, you can try searching the forum

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One other thing that can be done, if you’re not planning on removing the SD card for the most part: add its device path to your /etc/fstab so that it permanently is mounted on boot like with a normal harddrive.