Certificate expired

Linux MInt 20.2 Cinnamon, updated

Joplin 2.3.5
Synch Version: 3

Joplin runs on a NextCloud server.

I getting the error message

Last error: FetchError: request to .............remote.php/webdav/JoplinSynch/info.json failed, reason: certificate has expired

However the certificate is automatically renewed every 90 days.

How can I solve this problem?

What sense does it make if I renew the link to Joplin in NextCloud? Do I lose my data?

Thanks for helping answers.

Typically this doesn't have anything to do with Joplin, if you navigate to your website and look at the certificate - has it expired?

Mine expired recently which I fixed by rebooting the my pi.

Thanks for your reply.

I first thought it is the certificate at the NextCloud but it is renewed automatically very 90 days.

After posting my question I searched a bit more and found the answer.

Options >Synchronization > Show advanced setting > Ignore TLS certificate errors.
(Unfortunately I cannot quote the person who provided this information because I forgot the name/link etc. )

When I checked this option the error disappeared and I can synch the PC version again.

That is just shoving the problem down the road though and just deciding to ignore the certificate entirely. You should be able to see if the certificate is actually valid or not.

Keep in mind that disabling the TLS certificate check is almost the same as having no certificate at all. In other words your connection is not secure. As Daeraxa suggested you should open the URL in a browser and see if it's valid. If not, make sure that the auto-renewal of your certificate works properly.

FYI @Jop435 : If you are using a Let's Encrypt certificate for your nextcloud instance, you might need to manually renew it once (regardless of the 90 day auto-renew). Let's Encrypt revoked certain certificates on 28th January due to some issue with the TLS-ALPN-01 validation method.

That would explain the issue I had then, I just rebooted the machine without looking further into it and it was fine.

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