Can't synchronize with Nextcloud, 404 MKCOL error

Version: 2.8.8 (Linux), 2.8.1 (Android)
OSes: Arch Linux, Android 11
When trying to sync to my Nextcloud server on both the desktop app and Android, I get the following error

Error: Could not upgrade from version 0 to version 1: 
MKCOL .resource/: Unknown error 2 (404): 
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I am syncing to the following link (except with my domain) (domain)/remote.php/webdav/Joplin
and I have created a Joplin folder at the root of my Nextcloud files. How do I make Joplin sync to my Nextcloud server? Do I have to change the permissions of something through my server?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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