Can't open imported notes' attachments

Hi. I'm using Joplin 2.7.15 in Windows 10.

Last year I switched from Evernote to Joplin, with great satisfaction. I imported thousands of notes to Joplin, many of whom had attachments in pdf or jepg. All attachments worked and could be viewed well.

A fortnight ago I updated Joplin from 2.7.14 to 2.7.15. Since this update I cannot access attachments on those notes that were imported from Evernote (I do on those more recent, created with Joplin). The same day I had to update Windows 10.

Be it because one update or the other, what I now see on these notes with attachment is only the name file of the attachment. And when I click on it, an error window appears with the message: "Network error: Windows cannot access... " and "Error code 0x80070035". When diagnosed, the message is "Your DNS server might be unavailable". "Windows can't find the host name "C:" using DNS.

The folder with all the attachments still exists, and I can access it manually via Windows explorer. It's just that (imported) notes and their attachments are now disconnected because of this wretched error code 0x80070035.

This disconnexion is only happening on my desktop. No problems accessing attachments on notes from my Android phone Joplin..

I'd be grateful for any tips or explanations to this conundrum.



It's a known issue on Windows which unfortunately doesn't have a fix yet: Opening a file with ctrl-click in the editor results in a ‘network error’ dialogue · Issue #6145 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Thank you so much, Laurent. So, we'll blame it on the Windows (no surprises here...). Summarising the quickest solutions, one can:

--Open the attached file in Joplin's Markup version.
--Open in WYSIWYG by Ctrl+right clicking it and choosing 'Open file' from menu.

Thanks again!

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