Can't install in Manjaro Linux

Hi, I tried to install Joplin in Manjaro Linux, a distro derivated from Arch Linux, via AUR with pamac and manually but always I have the same problem:

npm ERR! cb() never called!

This generate me a log:

2020-04-22T04_10_09_634Z-debug.log (113.0 KB)

Joplin has an AppImage or other way to install?

The AUR is broken and not fully supported by the Joplin team. It's being maintained by a third party that I have yet to see here on the forums or the Github issue tracker. Instead, your better option would be to use this script to download the latest version and get it setup properly. Because you are on Manjaro, one issue you may run into right off the bat is this.

Other than that, welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you run into any other Linux related issues, please feel free to @mention me. I'll see what I can do. :smiley:


Oh wow! This really work :heart: Thank you a lot!! And Thank you for your quick response.

Maybe an update in the Joplin web for the Arch Linux installer would be fine.

Love Joplin.

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@bedwardly-down the script also should install the terminal application? Because after execute the script I see that I can’t run joplin in the terminal.

Manjaro for the time being is restricting itself to 5.45 for the kernel. The isssue may be with Arch ,which is actually on the bleeding edge and not a curated one like Manjaro

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No there is a seperate install procedure for the terminal app. Check out cli app install instructions


@RedDocMD, thanks for the info. There’s been plenty of Manjaro reports otherwise since users can opt into the latest kernel instead of the lts one.

Maybe the rollback has been since then. I have not used my Manjaro installation for over 2 months until last week

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Yeah I have the 5.4.34 kernel version and no one problem.