Can't build android app

I am trying to build the Android app from (more or less) the latest commit on dev and getting this weird error

Error: ..\lib\services\plugins\api\Global.js:Invalid call at line 47: require(filePath)
error ..\lib\services\plugins\api\Global.js: ..\lib\services\plugins\api\Global.js:Invalid call at line 47: require(filePath). Run CLI with --verbose flag for more details.

The code that the error references does not make much sense to me, it looks like an infinite recursion

	require(filePath: string): any {
		if (!this.requireWhiteList().includes(filePath)) throw new Error(`Path not allowed: ${filePath}`);
		return require(filePath);

Am I missing anything here?

Hmm, ok it's because the plugin system somehow made its way to the Android build. Normally mobile-related files don't have any dependency to any plugin-related files because it's not yet compatible. I will check and fix it, but in the meantime if you want a stable build you can use one of the Android tags on branch release-1.6.