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Android build problem

Hi @laurent

I was trying to build Android version 1.3.13 to take a look at some issues, but the build fails for me due to missing file lib/rnInjectedJs/webViewLib.

Indeed the file is not in the repo (I can see it's been restored on dev) but it's referenced here: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/blob/ff6cd578732b6ddd55078e6a9dc39dc09c63d505/ReactNativeClient/lib/shim-init-react.js#L16

What am I missing here? How was it even possible to build a release from this commit?

I build the Android app on my machine so it's possible I just had this file already there. If you want to build v1.3 I guess you could put the file there manually, or cherry-pick the commit from dev.