Can't able to see code changes

Operating system


Joplin version


What issue do you have?

I have written, and then I wanted to what was happening but I didn't see the changes. I thought there was an issue then I deleted the logger and then commented out the other logger in OG code, but it didn't change. Finally, I commented out all the editor section, it didn't change.
I commented out the "resourceHandling: processPastedHtml: Processing image file:///C:/Users/Praveen/.config/joplindev-desktop/resources/94c1ade391f4465394a4932d041f886f.jpg"
this one which is commented out.

I ran the command "yarn start" to see changes and then I quit it and restarted it with another yarn start but it did not work.
What do I have to do to see my changes?
Thank you for helping me.

As Joplin 3.0.0 is not even a pre-release yet is this actually a GSoC question rather than a general support question?

Assuming you were changing typescript code, you need to either compile ts manually or run watch. Check the docs in the repo.

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