Cancel Cloud - Error

I am trying to cancel my cloud subscription before I am charged. I
cannot get to the maintain cloud details as I get this error message:

"Could not find Stripe default billing portal configuration"

.Please advise or can you kindly cancel the subscription.

Kevin Tea

I am trying to get an invoice for my subscription (which I assume is found on the same page, ) and am getting the same error in both Firefox and Chromium:

I have reached out twice on Twitter and sent an email to but no reply. Maybe it's a time difference? Strange how the system worked to accept credit card details and not a cancellation or am I being too cynical.

Yes you are, and that's going to be fixed.


This is fixed now. If anyone got invoiced because they couldn't cancel the subscription, please let me know and I'll refund it.

Thank you, apologies for the cynicism.

Thanks Laurent!

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