Can Joplin do "Stacks", like Evernote?

I'm still researching what solution I'm going to pick to move away from Onenote. Everything seems to revolve around Evernote as a way to migrate. So I'm wondering if Joplin can do something similar to "Stacks" in Evernote?


Notebooks can have subnotebooks which can have subnotebooks which can have subnotebooks, how many levels deep it goes I'm not sure but it goes deeper than I have any real need for.

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Oh, holy crap. Thank you.
All I was doing was right clicking and searching for a similar feature. I had not ideas it was as simple as drag and drop. This is awesome as it's the last thing I need to move over before ditching all Microsoft, Google, etc products in favor of open source solutions and Ubuntu Linux.Subnotbooks

No problem. One thing that catches people out sometimes is how to 'promote' a subnotebook up to notebook level. In that case you need to drag the subnotebook up to the top "NOTEBOOKS" banner and it will promote.


The only difference, which I sometimes miss, is that stacks in evernote, when focussed, would list all of the notes in the contained notebooks. So if I have a stack called "language" then I would see all of the content for notebooks "dutch", "german" etc.

In evernote, the parent notebook is a true notebook, and so when focusses (in my case) it simply shows no notes.

To compare:



I don't know if this can be done with plugins, but I would really appreciate the option to toggle whether a parent notebook is a true notebook, or simply a hierarchical "stack" of notebooks.

You might be able to replicate this using @JackGruber's Note Overview plugin.

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