Bonding Period Update - Week 1-2


  • Attending the "Contributor Summit" (Tuesday, May 7 1500-1730 UTC)
  • Introductory meeting with all the mentors
  • Meeting with Daeraxa
  • Finished 2 plugin tutorials on Joplin's documentation website
  • Setting up the dev environment for summarise-note feature
  • Accessed note content from the app and managed to summarise it with extractive summarisation


  • Engaging more with the community on Discourse, Discord, GitHub, etc.
  • Looking out for updates from Daeraxa about newly created repository for summarise-note feature in Joplin's GitHub repositories
  • Continuing working on setting up Transformers.js in a plugin


Something went wrong during model construction (most likely a missing operation). Using `wasm` as a fallback. 
Kr @ plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2
2plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'create')
   at Kr (plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:681968)
   at async Promise.all (/Users/billtonhoang/Documents/GitHub/joplin-hahabill/joplin-hahabill-resolved/packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/index 1)
   at async zo.from_pretrained (plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:688061)
   at async Mc.from_pretrained (plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:721345)
   at async Promise.all (/Users/billtonhoang/Documents/GitHub/joplin-hahabill/joplin-hahabill-resolved/packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/index 1)
   at async plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:788312
   at async Zh (plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:787993)
   at async a.predict (plugin_com.example.JoplinSummarizeAILocal.js:2:561693)


Check onnx dependency:

Make sure onnx is installed in your project using npm install onnx or yarn add onnx.
Verify the version of onnx is compatible with Transformers.js (check documentation).
Investigate model loading:

Double-check the path you're providing to the model file.
Ensure the model format is compatible with Transformers.js (usually ONNX).

Hi allanmax! Thank you for your suggestions, I will give it a try!

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Let me know is it works or not @HahaBill

Hi, thank you again for providing your solution. I tried it and it doesn't work, mostly the same as you can see in the post. Transformers.js has already some dependencies and they are also installed when you install Transformers.js. Therefore, the onnx libraries are already installed.

It might be worth it to post to the HuggingFace about this.

HuggingFace discourse and GitHub issue in Transformers.js: