Weekly Update 2: Summarizing notebooks and WebLLM


  • implementing "summarising notebooks" feature
    • tested with these scenarios (right-clicked notebook is the root of the tree):
      • summarizing the whole notebook -> all subtrees are summarized
      • summarizing the child notebook that has a parent notebook -> only the subtrees in the child notebook are summarized and parent notebook is not summarized
  • posted an overview of extractive summarization techniques in the Joplin Forum
  • understanding how LexRank and LSA work
  • discovered WebLLM -> using .wasm to load and run LLM models in browsers (Llama, Mistral, etc.)


  • implementing base class called "AIHandler" from the proposal and then create TextRankHandler and LexRankHandler -> ensure that future AI implementations follow the same structure, as this will make the codebase easier to maintain and understand.
  • implement and testing Hobb's Algorithm
  • implementing and testing LexRank
  • if all the above are done: try to implement LSA