Blockquote Button in Toolbar in Desktop App (or keyboard shortcut)

There is a Code Block Button in the Toolbar which will put quotes around the highlighted selection but there is no blockquote button.

Blockquote button is one feature I realize miss that other markdown editors has, even this very forum textbox I am typing this has it

Blockquote requires a “>” in front of every line so is needed much more than a code block which just needs single quote before and at the end of a block manually for a code block.

I could also not find a keyboard shortcut for blockquote like Ctrl-q to or Ctril-Shift-q

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Just to clarify, the code button does 2 things: if the selected text is one word or less than one line (no line breaks), it will create an inline code, otherwise a codeblock (starting with 3 backticks, line break, code, line break, and 3 backticks) that spans several lines.

Your request is feasible. Personally I've never much needed blockquotes, but I understand that it would make things easier for people who do.

I'm confident that Laurent would accept a PR for it. I can have a look at it, but I believe @CalebJohn wrote the code that distinguishes between inline code and code block. Maybe he has an idea how to implement this.

It won’t be quite the same process, since the code I wrote uses the wrap selection code, whereas this would need to actually edit the selection.
Code block code is here

The newline detection code should be the same.

Is the newline detection needed, though? Why would it be?

However, I think you need two buttons here: to increase and to decrease a quote level.
(I use quotes quite extensively.)

Basically, you need a button that when you click it, prepends > to every line, and a button that removes a leading > or > from every line.

So you can have things like

and then he said this

and that’s it

(And yeah, this is one of the things I always fire up an external editor for.)

Another possible idea I would like to add is to just have a kind of “Other” or “More” or “Syntax Help” kind of button that opens some dialog or page that gives you the markdown guide for all of the needs (in addition to those most common ones covered by the buttons on the editor).

Today, for example (and the reason I am here typing this now), is because I had to look up how to do blockquotes through a google search for “GitHub Markdown”. It was easy enough, once I learned the syntax, but I too was starting by looking for the button in the editor.

We actually have a help page for the Markdown we support Maybe we could simply link to it from the app?

Yes! Perfect! A link directly to the markdown syntax page would, in my opinion, be very helpful and also enough. While others may disagree, I do not think it would be necessary to muddy the editor bar with a ton of buttons as long as there was a quick way to jump to the syntax reference for looking up the less common things. The web page you provided the link for is perfect. It is well designed, easy to read and understand; it makes it very easy to quickly find what you are looking for. I know there is a link to the Website and Documentation under Help (or F1). Now that I have looked at it, I can see that it’s not hard to find the Markdown guide. To be honest, however, I didn’t know it was there or that easy to get to. I searched “GitHub Markdown” for my answer initially. Something closer to the editor bar or more explicit in the Help menu may be helpful to other users too.

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How about shortcut for first time? What is blockquote ("> ") shortcut?
I cite much of sources and its big problem for me

Hi there, yeah I would also love to see this!

I often copy and paste useful pieces of information from websites etc. and quoting them is a bit of a pain as I have to copy and paste > before every line of the quote.

This would be great :slight_smile:

Welcome back, @dylanmorroll. Yeah, I do that a lot as well. There are things you can do in the meantime.

  • Launch an external editor. This is what I do most often. I use Typora, which is the best if you don't know where to start; or VS Code.
  • Use multicursor editing to enter > on all lines at once
  • Use a browser plugin. In Firefox, I use the great Copy Selection as Markdown. It does exactly what it says, and prepends > on each line. Watch the gif on that link if you want.

You can do the multicursor thing without leaving Joplin. If you don't know how:

  • press alt
  • mousedrag over all the lines you want to edit
  • you now have a cursor on every line. If you type something, it will appear in all places at once.

Looks like this:

joplin quote

(If focus switches to the menu, like it did when I recorded that, just press ESC to go back to your cursors.)

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