Block Text Bottom Scroll Bar

When you have a large block text object, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom before you have access to the horizontal scroll bar. This should preferably always be available at the bottom of the page. See attached image.

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Yes, I've encountered this too

@davidm welcome to the forum.

I am not sure that it is missing. It seems that you have to scroll down to the bottom of the fenced code block as the horizontal scroll bar is actually a part of the fenced code block and not the whole rendered note itself.

It makes sense as you can have more than one long block, also of different lengths. So they each have their own scrollbar.

2020-12-12 02_11_36-Window

You can then scroll the code without having to scroll the note text itself.


It may not suit your use case but if you add the below css to userstyle.css the text in the fenced code block will wrap.

code {
     white-space: pre-wrap;

2020-12-12 02_22_46-Window