BibTeX Plugin: DevLog[5]

This is week 5 (zero-based) in the journey of developing a BibTeX Plugin for Joplin. I will be working on customizing the search functionality (search by year or author).

For the upcoming weeks, here's my plan till now (will probably change later):

  • 6th week: Enable importing multiple files and automate the release process.
  • 7th week: Resolve the conflict with the automatic backlinks plugin.
  • 8th week: To be determined.
  • 9th week: To be determined.

As you can see, there are some gaps in the timeline since I've implemented most of the core features and don't know what to add next. As a result, if someone has any features to add or bugs to fix, I would be happy to include them in the timeline. If you once suggested something and I didn't respond, kindly post it here again so I don't miss it :heart:

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Some ideas for the references based on the Automatic Backlinks to note plugin:

  • allow user to choose Heading for the references (useful if you are writing in different language)
  • style the references heading (with the html)
  • manually insert the references as plain text (useful for notes that are finished)

And as already mentioned, choosing the citation/reference style (

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Ok, thanks for the suggestions.

Version 0.4.0 is out :smiley: :rocket:


  • Enhance the search experience:
    • Search by author and year of publication.
    • Show author and year of publication in the citation popup.

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HI @xUser5000 , gave version 0.4.0 a quick test and it works beautifully. Thanks a lot for the great work - I find it already fully usable.

I did not run into any bugs, so here are some further suggestions / possible new features:

  1. Maybe show all the authors in the citation popup, preferably with smaller fonts - makes it easier to find the exact paper.
  2. Option to create a new note from a reference. The bib file has a lot of information that is parsed but not used - a new note can include all this making it easier to view it without leaving Joplin.
  3. If the bib file has "keywords" field attached to the reference, this could be used to automatically create tags.

Cheers !


Thanks for the useful suggestions.
I liked the idea of creating a new note that contains the details of the reference. I think I'm gonna add it to my schedule.

Thank you for the update. :smiley: I also haven't found any bugs.
I really like how fluently I can cite articles for the research now. I have one more suggestion on top of @pravsripad suggestions that I also really like. An keyboard shortcut for Add BibTex References, so user can insert citations without leaving the keyboard.

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I found a way to not leave the keyboard while adding citations for anyone interested until keyboard shortcut is implemented by invoking command palette with default keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift + P and in my case Add BibTex Reference is the first entry. :smiley:

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