Background sync in android

Hi Chen. Many thanks for your background sync version! I've been using it for a short time and it seems to work really well. A few quirks and bugs perhaps (sometimes background sync seems to stop) but overall a massive improvement and amazing work! Makes the Android version actually usable : )

I was wondering if you're going to continue development with this and keep it up to date with current/new features, eg Trash? Would be great if you could incorporate that and keep it current!

I don't know too much about the development of Joplin but I'm hoping your incredible work can make it into the main Android release at some point. It's such a massive improvement on the current version which is tricky of course to keep foreground on a phone.

Thanks again


Yes I'd say so on my brief experience so far - seems pretty stable and nothing bad has happened! On the contrary, it gets you background sync!

You don't need root you just need to allow installs from unknown sources, or similar terminology.

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Let's hope that something similar comes up for iOS, too! Background sync for mobile would be a huge gamechanger and close the gap to all other note-taking apps I know of (which don't have this problem, probably because they're native developments for Android or iOS).

Thanks to Chen for this fantastic improvement.

Just coming from Evernote I am actually baffled at what Joplin can do. Background syncing is also for me a missing feature. Not because Evernote could do it (it does not) but because sync on Joplin is longer (in spite of the fact I use Joplin Cloud) and particularly so with encryption (which Evernote can also not do)

Any chance that this background sync makes the main distribution? Is the non iOS readiness a show stopper for a full deployment?


Still using it daily? Any downsides? I'm tempted to try it out. Will I need to rebuild the resources/database at the first sync? Is it better to uninstall the official Joplin apk first, with all its data/cache?
Also, does it drain the battery a lot when not in use?
Thanks for this great addition

Oh @Chen you're amazing!
Would you mind creating a Pull Request for this after putting it behind a beta option?

There were already other settings like that:

Maybe Lauren would consider merging it then.

Thank you so much for your work!
I was waiting for this since ages!

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It's good to see that my message was helpful for you. Unfortunately, @Chen 's application is not working. When the synchronization button is pressed, the application freezes.

Sorry for later reply. What a busy april!

My application was just a prototype, it contains some bug. As far as I observed, sometime, it will block phone to sleep. Still try to find time to debug it.

I can merge the latest change when I have time. Hope I can finish it next month.

Chen Yang


Hello @Chen ,

I hope everything is going well for you in April.

You're doing an amazing job, truly. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to read your message again. Know that there are followers eagerly awaiting your work.