ASM Chart with Joplin

Is it possible to make an ASM chart with Joplin/mermaid?
I would like a arrow with edges like this:


Yes, this is something that mermaid handles very well. Here is an example (from the mermaid docs) that is basically what you want.

flowchart TD
A[Start] --> B{E}
B -- 0 --> A
B -- 1 --> C[Do something]
C --> D{E}
D -- 0 --> E[Something else]
D -- 1 --> C
E --> F{E}
F -- 0 --> E
F -- 1 --> C
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I can see the "flow" of the mermaid chart is the same but it does not resemble an ASM Chart.


I have only chipped in as I was recently trying to find a way to get mermaid to produce "logic-style" flowcharts and failed miserably... :slight_smile:


The plugin will let you create these charts however it is still having a couple of issues and is being worked on.