Appreciation post. Thank you

Already donated (as i using own sync setting for now) and will donate more as project progresses.

And just wanted to say thanks for this project.

Nearly exactly what i was looking, it fits better for me than "obsidian" wich is closed source and doesn't support so many sync options.

Really like "Local-first" outlook.

For about week of using i can't critique joplin much, maybe later after using it more :slight_smile:

As for now some remarks as inconvenience:

  • attachments stays in local (and remote maybe?) locations even it's not being used in notes. Will try to change "Note history" setting, but i'm confused...

  • Would love to see "Tools > Note attachments" section improved. Icons for files and collumn "asociated notes" with files would be cool!


I think they eventually are auto purged, but I'm not sure.

You can use the “Delete unlinked resources” plugin to delete attachments that are no longer used. Apparently this plugin is no longer supported on GitHub, but you can still install it. It has worked for me so far without any problems.

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I opened up the discussion somewhere here for a similar view for notes themselves. I.e., there is an attachment browse page, but not something similar for notes.

Indeed. They live for some time and then are purged (those not associated to a note in the current tree nor in the history threshold). I don't know how long that stay of execution is though, once an attachment is flagged as orphaned.

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After some testing it looks like it is auto purged.

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