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Apple Silicon M1 support

Hello, in what stage is development of Universal/Native M1 binary for Joplin?

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Afaik none of the devs have a Mac with an M2 chip. This makes testing a bit complicated. I also do not know, if the gh build pipeline supports M1 yet.

I also don't know how the upstream support is for that. I know that electron-builder allows us to set the target for ARM64. Not sure what happens, if I run this on Intel though.

I'm against a universal binary and do hope that we don't go in this direction.

I think dedicated binaries for Intel and ARM are better. On the other side, why do you even need a native binary? Rosetta2 does a great job and I doubt there are any significant performance advantages at the moment (for an Electron app). I'm not saying this won't change in the future.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm too definitely for the separate dedicated binaries. Universal build just takes more space and "the other" binary is rather useless.

Rosetta2 is fine and in most cases there are no significant performace advantages, but there are still some difficulties or negatives in that.

For example higher energy and memory usage (which results in higher swap memory being written and eventually insane, almost damaging values are being written onto a SSD) has been reported on various forums when running multiple applications under rosetta2. I definitely see this phenomenon when running for example evernote+microsoft teams+fb messenger under rosetta2. Memory used is significantly (I'm talking in GBs) higher then let's say having open repository in VSCode+project in IntelliJ+Notion (all native solutions).

Another fact is, that if it is possible, there is no reason for me to just "settle" on emulated version and run it until I'm completely done with my macbook. It's the same as buying a pc, but running your apps in virtual machine 100 % of the time. If you pc is good, you still won't feel and significant performance disadvantages, but running it without emulation would still be better.

I may even try to compile it myself for M1 architecture if devs don't want to take this direction. I'm completely fine with that.

A user already did that. See here Running joplin on Apple silicon - #9 by bjbk

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Hi,If usefull, I have a M1 Mac, and I am ready to run tests on y machine once a M1 Joplin version is produced by a dev

For that we have to upgrade Electron first.

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