API error for /tags since v229

I am testing the newest v1.0.229 beta. When I call

localhost:41184/tags I receive an error:

{“error”:“Internal Server Error: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined: \n\nTypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined\n at Api. (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/lib/services/rest/Api.js:290:31)\n at Api.action_tags (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/lib/services/rest/Api.js:312:29)\n at Api.route (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/lib/services/rest/Api.js:110:42)\n at execRequest (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/lib/ClipperServer.js:160:39)\n at Server. (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/lib/ClipperServer.js:203:7)\n at Server.emit (events.js:210:5)\n at parserOnIncoming (_http_server.js:745:12)\n at HTTPParser.parserOnHeadersComplete (_http_common.js:115:17)”}

This worked in the latest v1.0.227 stable. Unfortunately, I cannot go back to that version since the Note format Changed from 29 to 30.

Other API calls seem to work fine. Does this have to do with the new nested tags? Is there anything I can do to continue working with Joplin without waiting for a new version?

I believe we need to release a new clipper version, as it adds support for nested tags.