Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

TOC is available as plugin and it works simply inserting [toc] in the content.

OCR like in OneNote would be great

free writing using a pen tablet is another possibility (mentioned by someone in another issue)

I'm a student, and I'd like to see something happen. I'm not sure whether to call it a plugin or maybe it'll be just an update with Joplin.
I'd like to see a plugin where when you upload a PDF or PowerPoint slides to Joplin, the slides/pages will array downwards, and I am able to annotate the PDF/PowerPoint or write alongside it somewhere. Also, I'd like to be able to interact with the PDF/PowerPoint, so I can highlight text and other points on the documents.
I think it is very useful to have the current setup with the embedding/previewing PDFs when Markdown is open, but I need something more like I described. As of now I'm using Evince to do my PDF annotations for research papers and textbooks, along with highlighting. It would be incredible to maybe have an Evince style plugin; I suppose that's what I'm getting at.

I would love a plugin that would review all the Joplin links in a note and update the markdown titles based on the linked notes current names.


plugin 1: make code blocks highlighting less cumbersome to use (remove the explicit need to write down the language for each code block via a logical rule)
plugin 2: make code blocks interactive: right-clicking on a code block will copy the code.
plugin 3: links to another note can fold out, so you don't have to go back and forth to notes, but browse everything from one note.
plugin 4: show nested folders with their parent folder (browsing in all notes is lacking features)

I'm using a lot of backticks to write code blocks in Joplin. I would love a feature where I don't have to write down the language for each code block explicitly to get the highlight support inside the code blocks, via a logical rule to groups of code blocks within each document.

a logical rule would be to have the first code block to define the language and other code blocks would follow this language until you specify another language.


Realized export as blog

But if you want to support static document sites such as docsify, it shouldn’t be difficult, nor should it be difficult. The conversion process of a single document is basically the same, except that the final exported sidebar directory is different.

Being able to go to a random note. Someone made something else which does it, but I'd really like it in easy-to-install plugin form. Entropy can help creativity!

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To be able to send Email to a pre-specified notebook, as is done in Evernote.
I use it a lot at work, people send me new assignments by email and I read them on my mobile-Evernote.
It's the main reason I cannot yet switch :wink:
Oh well, I'm new here, maybe it is already done ?


Joplin has a web clipper for sending web pages to it. I just tried sending an email from my gmail web interface to Joplin using the web clipper's "Clip simplified page" feature. It worked better than I hoped! It sent the entire body of the email and just the body of the email.

I then tried in the Outlook web app and the results were okay. The body of the email was at the top of the page, but my entire email list was included at the bottom, as well as a bunch of random text from the app.

So I guess in conclusion, if you use gmail then it's already done. :slight_smile:

Perhaps list the open To Do tasks in either am agenda or a calendar format.


Easier linking. Maybe type double brackets and just start typing the name of the note and it auto-populates a list of search results for you to navigate+select with arrow keys+enter.

I would loooove to have that part of my workflow smoothed out.


Yeah people have asked for this several times: Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #36 by 109767345

Take a look at this

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I suggested the idea for a plugin that recreates Evernote note links: Evernote ENEX import suggestion (or plugin) re: note links
The above link provides some background on the problem of Evernote ENEX format not preserving note links.

With @roman_r_m 's Quick Links plugin, this is even more feasible.

The idea is user selects a batch of notes and runs this note recreation plugin. The plugin searches those notes for evernote addresses, which look like evernote:///view/ followed by long alphanumeric that represents the GUID (unique note identifier).

So the link looks like [link text](link to GUID)

For each GUID address found, plugin runs equivalent of Quick Links script to search for titles that match the GUID link's text, and if found, note link replaces [link text](link to GUID).

A popup log or new note showing which GUID links were successfully matched/recreated and which could not be matched (cases where note link text does not match any existing note titles) would be icing on the cake.

@silvio I saw you just noticed this post – check out Note Overview Plugin Note overview, it will let you create a block of notes from any search! :tada: (@JackGruber would be really cool to be able to check off todos straight from the overview :slight_smile: )

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Ohh - thank you! Your tip is worth its weight in gold.

A plugin for plantuml support via a self-configurable server would be excellent. This could be good to use in the codeblock area.


Bob->Alice : hello




For a similar use-case, have you seen that Joplin offers support for Mermaid? See

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Thank you very much for the links. However, my existing wiki (with over 250 plantuml scripts) also includes diagram types that mermaid does not cover. For example "Use case", "State" and "Timing" diagrams.