Any ideas for a Joplin tagline?

I'm going to update the website front page to better showcase the application. I have most of the sections right, but the part I'm still not sure about is the top tagline, so I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestion about it?

From what I can see on Google Keep or Evernote for example it should be something like "Use our app to get X or Y benefit", it should be a sentence that directly speaks to the user essentially.

So far I have "Your notes, anywhere you are" but I'm not certain that's particularly inspiring. Any other idea about what tagline could be used?

Just giving a bad answer to catalyse "oh, I have a better one"...untitled

Your markdown notes under your control, synced in your way.


English is not my first language but here are a couple of ideas:

Seriously noteworthy.

Not just notes.

Your notes. Protected.

YOUR notes organized, protected, accessible.


Perhaps a small look on the open-source "competition" is helpful as well to get some inspiration:

The question is, what is the key feature, unique selling point of Joplin that you want to highlight? Is it plugins, markdown, encrypted sync, platform support, Rich Text Editor, open source?

For example:

  • A open-source, encrypted markdown app that syncs everywhere you want
  • Take your notes on all your devices and sync your way

From what I have seen a tagline is often not so much about how something does something (markdown, tag, sync etc.) but more about the "spirit" or "ethos" of the product.

Capture everything you need to know

Everything you need to know, wherever you are

Everything you need to note, wherever you are

When memory is just not good enough

Think it, note it, keep it

Hypomnemata 21st century style

I started off sort of serious and then, as you can see, went off the rails a bit...

None of these made me think, "wow, that's good" but they may help, along with everyone else's suggestions, to find the right tagline.

I would however suggest that before any taglines are considered, AllClients.jpg is updated to show Joplin as it is now rather than how it was in 2017!


Indeed I haven't noticed that's pretty much version 0.00 of the desktop app in there, before I even released the first version. But yes I've also made a new screenshot to better show how it looks today.


That's hard to answer because I guess it's a combination of these. Perhaps it makes sense to mention the notion of privacy, encryption, data ownership and so on. Those are relatively important topics these days and were always important for the app too.

Thanks, I think that's the spirit although I feel it's a bit long. Basically something about "notes under your control" and mentioning sync would make sense.


Your notes on all your devices with you in control



Morally superior note-taking app

Audience targeted:

Like Evernote, but just better

Gotta feel good:

Note taking companion loyal only to you


Your notes: on every device, private, secure, forever


I'm not good at creating slogans, but it would be fun if somehow it could refer to music/swing/jazz/entertainer. It's Joplin, after all :grin:
Other than that, some great suggestions in this thread already!

I think the right tagline must contain exactly the right combination of these, so that it is not to long but still contains the most important features.

For me it is always helpful to think about the addressee, the user group you want to address with the tagline. I think in the case of Joplin the potential user group are people who want to use open-source software and are tech-savy. Perhaps also people who like markdown and care for notes in open formats because they dont want to be locked-in. An alternative group would be people switching over from Evernote because they dont like the direction.

Using the music aspect in the tagline would be great, but I think I would take some time to develop a tagline that fit :smiley:

Ha, I like the idea of a subtle music pun. How about:

Your notes on all your devices, the perfect arrangement.

  • Encrypted Sync to your favorite cloud
  • Open Source with a Vibrant Community
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux (more?)
  • Markdown for easy editing and no lock in

  • The perfect accompaniment to your notes
  • Your notes on all your devices, the perfect accompaniment

Or for something more quirky, a riff on @dpoulton

Store it here, access it every-where.


haha good catch.

@laurent you already got some inspiration. For me the main reasons I chose joplin was, that it is FOSS, add free, privacy & data ownership (easiness to switch to another application, saves locally), plugins/make it your way, large community. also this is joplins USP since I didn't see another tool that suits these all.

I don't now about syncing but I also read that maaany seem to like it for that and the easiness to use it cross-platform. Also maybe add markdown since it is a key element.

we are talking about this right?

Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format.

my suggestion:
3x3 USP:

  • FOSS, add-free, privacy & data ownership (easiness to switch to another application, saves locally),
  • plugins/make it your way, large community, free forever
  • syncing, cross-platform, markdown

Joplin is a free and open source (FOSS) note taking and to-do application. Joplin is completty add-free, doesn't require an internet connection and you own your own data. Joplin not only allows you to automatically sync your notes cross-platform (windows, linux, android blablabla) but since the notes are saved locally in the markdown language you can do with them whatever, whenever and whereever you want. Joplin is ready to use or offers complet customizability with a large and vibrant coumminity and an ever-growing supply of addons.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions - a lot of good ideas in here, so I took the liberty to create a poll from what I felt are the best ones: Poll: What should Joplin tagline be?

Why have I started to use Joplin in the first place? Not because it is based on Markdown or allows for own extensions. That presumably attracts programmers more than „normal“ users. For me it was the freedom to choose my own cloud (nextcloud) and the support for a huge variety of devices. Therefore I could imagine something like:
Joplin - Freedom for your notes
Joplin - Independent note keeping


Maybe something straightforward like "Freedom for your notes" is indeed the way to go. Although it doesn't have all the info about sync, privacy, etc, it's simple and easy to remember. Then perhaps the detailed info can go below the tagline.

While considering options for the tagline I think I'm going to release it like this:


I think the tagline should cover the overall idea and spirit. To cover all the cool features of Joplin in one line seems a humongous challenge. And what happens if you add even more cool stuff (e.g. profiles, …)