Android widget for main screen?

New user, studying how to replace Evernote by Joplin in my day-to-day usage.

A feature that I miss is a widget to add on the home screen, which would at least:

  • let me quickly create a new text note with a pop-up editor, or a picture note by opening the camera
  • show the most recent notes edited (or any other custom filter of notes, eg notes with a specific tag or from a specific notebook)
  • give one-tap access to search function



Laurent told us earlier that it was not possible due to electron limitations
May be that changed but I doubt.

You probably meant React Native (Electron is used for the desktop app). Apparently there are proof-of-concept demos like this one, doesn’t seem very mature.

yes you are right, thanks :slight_smile:

Personally, I would be pleased if we could get the to do list in a widget.

Still no easy way to do this at the moment (pretty much only hacks) so a full native widget would have to be developed, which is out of scope.

Hello first, I have no idea of the programming with software. Is the software programmed with the problem being to create the widget, or lacking ideas on how a widget might look like? I’ve been working with GTask before and the widget was the most important for me for review. For this app that manages ToDo’s and notes would be a widget as it offers Microsoft’s ToDo app, that can switch between to-do’s and notes in the widget. Is it even planned to create a widget?

Kind regards

Joplin on mobile uses react-native which is a framework that allows a single code base to be used across devices (Android, iOS). This framework does not have an option to create widgets.
Therefore one would have to manually create a widget for Android. Then another one for iOS/iPadOS/watchOS. This is - as Laurent already mentioned - out of scope for this project. (Too time consuming in development and maintenance.)

Thanks for the info, now I understand it. That’s a shame for the project, of course.

Also would love widget - especially for To-do items.

Yeah a widget would be extremely useful. Others who've made the switch,how did you compensate for the lack of a widget?