Allow hiding the "Synchronise" button

I like screen real estate. That button takes some of it. Please allow me to hide it without creating my own CSS for it.

.sidebar div:nth-child(2) {
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The app stylesheets are there for exactly that reason - there are all kinds of UI elements that people don't like so have opted to remove; "notebooks", "all notes", richtext/md editor switch are a few of the more "common" ones (I say "common" as in the grand scheme of things this is going to be extremely rare).
It is unreasonable (as well as nonsensical) to supply an option to disable every single UI element as an option, I'm not even sure I''ve seen another request before to remove the sync button entirely...
If you truely believe it should be an option then you can create a plugin with the css to hide the button which will essentially provide a switch to turn it off and on.


I would agree with the small buttons, however the "Synchronise" button takes up a large amount of space right below the notebook list, which is prime real estate. It seems to be placed there to encourage the use of Joplin sync. I assume the button disappears when synchronization was set up, so a lot of power users don't really mind it.

There was another ticket, but that one was automatically closed.

Feature requests generally work off of popularity, it seems that topic didn't get much traction which implies that nobody was particularly interested in supporting it which often (but not always) implies it is not worth the dev effort in creating and maintaining that feature.

It stays, first launch it runs the setup wizard but after that it is a button used to manually sync the application.

That was me over in the other thread. The reason (I think) I was motivated to post was that the class/dom for the sync area had changed, making css a less than optimal way of solving the problem. So making a plugin based on the css doesn't really make sense.

But it's been 10 months and the css hasn't changed, so maybe it's not such a big deal.

I'm on a 14" laptop. I'm sure that for someone on a desktop that space is kind of trivial.


Here is the (new) CSS trick to hide the synchronization area:

.sidebar > div:last-of-type {
  display: none;

You can add this in a custom userchrome.css.


Thanks! The css I'd love to be able to figure out is how to hide just the message area and then show it only when the sync button was hovered over. I haven't had any luck so far. It's really that message area that can hog space.