Allow Discourse guests to toggle or default to dark/light mode

For accessibility and other reasons, users and guests alike should be able to toggle light or dark mode for the forum.

Can this Dark/Light Mode Toggle Discourse theme component be installed? Dark/Light Mode Toggle - theme-component - Discourse Meta

It adds a clickable toggle color scheme button in the hamburger menu, which switches between light or dark color schemes.

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It's deep in a submenu of settings, but this it seems that dark mode is currently an option:


That's not my ask. I'm asking to install the linked theme component to toggle light and dark mode from the hamburger menu.


Nice. I didn't realize it even existed. Kind of have to be a tomb raider to find it.

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What's blocking this from getting installed?

FAQ and News already have a toggle. The Plugins Discovery page already matches its theme to the system.

The linked theme component adds both features to the forum.

I think it's a good idea, but for a person who likes dark mode I'd generally reommend having Dark Reader installed on your favorite browser.

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Thanks, I needed this! Always jarring at night, when you've got most everything in dark mode, and you go to some website and get blinded by the light.

I just installed the Chrome version of Dark Reader, and most sites are now in dark mode, but ironically, the Chrome store site for Dark Reader is still rendered in light mode:
Can't seem to find a Dark Reader setting to flip it to dark.

Dark mode extensions are useful with caveats. Some browsers don't support extensions. Some use cases default to light mode and limit extension use.

Still waiting for this theme component to be installed on this forum for reasons provided above. Check out this Discourse thread:

The first post includes a quick installation method: click Install this theme component > enter Discourse site URL > click Install.

What do I need to do to get this plugin installed?

We can't install plugins. The forum is managed by Discourse