Add note previews in the navigation pane

I love using Joplin (switched over to it from Obsidian), but one "feature" that is missing is to be able to preview notes in the navigation pane, the same way that you can expand and contract notebooks.

This behavior is the default of Obsidian.


Currently, I have no idea what notes I have inside of a notebook until I click on it. The only indicator I have is the little "3" signifying that I have 3 notes, but not actually which ones!

This could be a toggleable feature but it would make my life much easier. I haven't found a way to do this in Joplin or a plugin that does anything similar.

Could this feature please be added in one of the future updates?

It's not exactly the same, but please try out if you haven't already.

Thanks, this is useful, but it's still not what I want.