Add config option to control mermaid securityLevel

Joplin's inclusion of mermaid diagrams is really helpful and even seems to support (perhaps unofficially) clickable diagram elements that can link to other Joplin notes (example below):

graph LR; 
	Foo --> Bar
	click Foo "joplin://0f3c0e79c60b4acfae51a1023c58c4b0" "."
	click Bar "joplin://0ef5aadd3dd4439ab73abb408be3a09f" "."

However, Joplin integrates mermaid using its default configuration which includes securityLevel:'strict'. With this setting "tags in text are encoded" preventing the option of including HTML images within diagram nodes.

It would be great to be able to set this to * antiscript : html tags in text are allowed, (only script element is removed), click functionality is enabled.


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