Add an extra backup from WebDavs, Servers, and Cloud services

I think we should add an extra backup on local machines. I mean if we have connected to Nextcloud webdav, we should have an extra backup on local computer, if the server will be down, or maintenence.

Now I have an error on the nextcloud server

PROPFIND : Unknown error 2 (503): Update in process. (Code 503)

and I can't do anything about this, because I have web version.
I can't get an urgent backup, I don't have a backup in local computer. And all of my 400 notes will be gone.

What I mean by extra backup?

It means that user have an option in synchronization settings when WebDav, OneDrive, NextCloud and etc. have in advanced settings extra backup option.

It will show the time of latest extra backup on local computer or phone.

How it will looks like:

Latest local backup: 12:30 pm, 27.02.2021 in /home/username/.joplin/local_backup/

Do you wan't to make your local backup automatic?
If yes, choose please local backup interval time.

1 hour, 5 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 day, 7 days, 14 days.

If no, make yourself local backup just by export from your WebDav, NextCloud or another remote server.

After this setting, I can move my notes from server to server without connected again to another, or getting a panic about losing my data that I created 3 month.

Take a look at the Backup Plugin

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The plugin is good idea, but I think it might be heavy for using.

I mean by the extra backup, is when you have remote cloud service connected, but you also wan't an extra backup for remote cloud service if the remote cloud service is gone, is down, or something else.

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