Accessing existing Joplin file


Please help!

  • Version 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
  • Sync issue: trying to sync with my existing Joplin files from a new computer. I've previously set up and used Joplin on an older computer and used my Dropbox account for it. Now, on a new installation, I tried but cannot access those files. Instead, Joplin has created a new (empty) set up.
    Should I copy my old files to a cloud folder and access them there?
  • The operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • How to upload log.txt in user.config\joplin-desktop to How to enable debugging | Joplin?

Lotsa info on old Joplin setup. Would appreciate any help, thank you

Hey there,

Before anything else, please make sure to make a .jex backup on your old computer.

Secondly, please double check that you logged into the same Dropbox account on both devices.

Can you access your notes by syncing some other device (i.e. phone)?

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